Status Update: produced articles and analysis from early 2015 to late 2016 when about ten team members were contributing articles and time to produce the analysis on political candidates and other content. Based on the effort to produce new and accurate content, the work at was put on hold in at the end of 2016. 
This need for the type of information provided has only increased since late 2016 and it is the founder’s intention to restart this work at some point.

The mission of is ‘Promoting wise and ethical local government.’ We praise public policy and investments that are beneficial and efficient and research and expose:

  • Public servants acting out of overt self-interest.
  • Special interest entities being overly influential.
  • Local political staff and bureaucrats expanding their power and financial payoffs at the expense of the citizens.
  • Political handlers attempting to organize public servants for personal gain (E.g. those that orchestrated Jeanne Stewart’s actions to sabotage conservatives in 2015 primary).
  • Incompetence that dilutes the citizen’s legitimate benefits from their tax dollar investment—including poorly executed commercial contracts.
  • Public servants and bureaucrats circumventing the obvious will of the people.

Why have we created Most of the team came to their feet late 2012 in reaction to the breathtaking corruption and incompetence of the proposed Columbia River bridge project (The CRC as it was called then). Most everyone knows of the heavy institutional corruption and incompetence of the federal politicians and special interests, but we had no idea that it could be so bad locally. In the last 4 years, we have made real progress containing and deconstructing the self-interested local political establishment. is our platform for the next level of progress in promoting wise and ethical local government. We started with about 3500 local email recipients, we will continue to grow our readership through various advertising and orchestrated outreach from about 150 advocates to their local contact lists. Readership will be maintained though relevant and thoughtful content.

We welcome ideas on existing and new articles and thank you for your interest in operates unders a limited liability company legal structure.