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Mark Engleman - Team Member

Mark Engleman – Founder and Contributing Writer

Mark has been a Clark County resident since 1989 and has been politically active since that time. Over this time local government became increasingly bloated, inefficient, and arrogant and around 2012 he become heavily involved in reversing this negative trend. Mark grew up on a timber farm about 12 miles up the Washougal River, is an industrial engineer out of Oregon State Univ., was an officer in the US Navy, and today operates a business that consults to manufacturing companies.

    Sid Sutherlin - Team Member

    Sid Sutherlin – Contributing Writer

    Sid’s been interested in political truth and the difficulties to find it since 1968 when North Korea seized the USS Pueblo. Sid served with the Pueblo’s commanding officer six years earlier and was dismayed at the propaganda and inaction from our government about this matter. Sid has a degree in mechanical engineering, is a published author, and a retired contractor. He’s lived in Clark County since 1997. Sid’s Motto: Less Government, more individual responsibility and with God’s help a better world.

      Sean Emerson - Team Member

      Sean Emerson – Contributing Writer

      Sean grew up in Clark County and is a lifelong advocate for limited, constitutional government and free, reasonably regulated markets. His approach to problem solving – in government as well as elsewhere – is informed from a career in systems engineering. This work began in the US Air Force on complex electronic jamming and countermeasure systems followed by similar work in the private sector. His hobbies are military history, writing, kayaking and hiking. He holds a black belt in Aikikai Akido.

        Dick Rylander - Team Member

        Dick Rylander – Contributing Writer

        Dick has been a resident in Clark County two different times for a combined 24 years. He spent his career in Pharmaceutical/Biotech and has owned several start-ups. Two Bachelor's degrees and an MBA coupled with 7 years as an Adjunct Professor at UP show his interest in education and learning. He's Chair of the Clark County Clean Water Commission and actively engaged in running www.swweducation.org

          Nick Yonko - Team Member

          Nick Yonko – Contributing Writer

          21 year information systems professional and entrepreneur, has lived in Clark County since 1999. Nick came alive to the corruption and issues related to government beginning with the 2008 Presidential election. A stout conservative and originalist regarding the United States constitution, Nick speaks out of the context of history and the foundation of civil liberties granted to us not by government but by our creator. The most powerful element of government is not the Executive, Judicial, or Congressional branches, but it is the People – it is time we took that responsibility seriously.

            Mark Durrell - Team Member

            Mark Durrell – Political Candidate Evaluation Team Lead

            Mark oversees the activity at ClarkCounty.info for evaluating local political candidates. In this role he works with between five and eight other volunteers that are familiar with Clark County politics to conduct the candidate evaluation process.

            Mark is a mechanical engineer and provides consulting services mainly to the paper products manufacturing companies.

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