Our Team

ClarkCounty.info produced articles and analysis from early 2015 to late 2016 when about ten team members were contributing articles and time to produce the analysis on political candidates and other content. Based on the effort to produce new and accurate content, the work at ClarkCounty.info was put on hold in at the end of 2016.
This need for the type of information ClarkCounty.info provided has only increased since late 2016 and it is the founder’s intention to restart this work at some point.

Mark Engleman - Team Member

Mark Engleman – Founder and Contributing Writer

Mark has been a Clark County resident since 1989 and has been politically active since that time. Over this time local government became increasingly bloated, inefficient, and arrogant and around 2012 he become heavily involved in reversing this negative trend. Mark grew up on a timber farm about 12 miles up the Washougal River, is an industrial engineer out of Oregon State Univ., was an officer in the US Navy, and today operates a business that consults to manufacturing companies.

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