Clark County public employees will suffer – They should know what is happening

Concerned employees

The incompetence and corruption of the current county council majority and the senior bureaucrat, Mark McCauley, has been well documented on’s mission is to promote wise and ethical local government. The actions of the current liberal county council majority and senior bureaucrat are overtly destructive to citizens’ needs and expectations. Their actions are mainly driven by reclaiming power to the small group of people that form the Vancouver political establishment.

The liberal county council majority and senior bureaucrat have also damaged the stability and fairness of the working environment of Clark County employees. Because of this, the team recently placed a copy of our original article detailing the problems with interum county administrator Mark McCauley on the windshield of some county employees. The reaction of the people we are exposing and the local old media (Columbian) has been entertaining to watch.  They’ve recently spent time reviewing security camera images of our team distributing flyers. They were unsure exactly who these people were and were apparently keen to find out. Councilor Julie Olson reached out to Vancouver resident Steven Nelson, formerly a local conservativeFuzzy pictures from parking garage activist, who has since become aligned with the liberal establishment (which is truly a rare migration). Olson presumed the people distributing flyers were conservative activists and thought Nelson would know who the people were. He reviewed these fuzzy pictures and provided what he claimed was a firm identification. Then the local old media reached out to our ‘identified’ team members wanting a confirmation or denial as to who was identified.

We know the dwindling readers of the prior paper of record, the Columbian, could care less about people putting flyers on vehicles. Some, however, might care to know why citizens are done with the corruption and incompetence of our county government. It appears this pursuit of ‘who placed the flyers’ is a weak attempt to defame or frighten our team into thinking that there may be some action or price to pay. They are predictably focused on the messengers rather than the message.

What we will confirm is the following: The heat on local incompetent and corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and handlers is only just beginning. We will continue to reach out to county and various city employees about problems with their politicians and senior bureaucrats. Don’t be surprised to see our team or friends handing out more flyers, holding signs about the corruption and incompetence, and using other outreach techniques. Constant pressure on these politicians and bureaucrats is critical to make progress.

As we’ve previously stated, America—including Clark County— is suffering at all levels of government from self-interested politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests. Nearly everything they do is motivated by their desire for more power, influence and the spoils that ensue for them and their special interest friends. This rarely aligns with citizens’ best interest.

Over the next months we will increase our outreach from thousands to tens of thousands of Clark County citizens through various means as we ramp up to full strength. The team, advisors, and supporters are resolute to see this through and we laugh at any threats or games to silence us.

Thank God for freedom of political speech in our US constitution.

The heat on local incompetent and corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, and handlers is only just beginning.