Clark County Planning Director in Serious Legal Risk

Clark County Planning Director Oliver Orjiako recently had an attorney file a whistleblower and harassment complaint against Councilor David Madore. It’s increasingly evident that Orjiako’s complaint has no basis in fact nor law. As stated in a previous article about the corruption in the Clark County Planning Department, this complaint is apparently another attempt to defame and marginalize Councilor Madore with willful false statements. In doing this, the arrogance of senior county bureaucrats, liberal councilors and their handlers is on display; as is their increasing fear as they realize that more citizens are learning about the widespread corruption and incompetence in Clark County government.

Let’s review some background on this matter:

Is Orjiako being harassed?

Here’s the Clark County Human Resources Policy Manual Section on Harassment:


“1. Definitions:  Harassment Generally: Verbal or physical conduct that is derogatory or shows hostility towards an individual because of the individual’s race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or status protected by law and: Creates an intimidating, hostile, abusive, or offensive work environment; or Unreasonably interferes with an individual’s work performance.”

Planning Director, Oliver Orjiako
Planning Director, Oliver Orjiako

Orjiako claims Madore has harassed him based on his “race” and “accent.”  As for harassment based on race, the full team at has no knowledge of any other allegations or suspicions that Councilor Madore has harassed anyone based on race. Several Clark County employees have told that claims by Orjiako are false. One brave County employee already wrote a letter to this effect, after which Council Chairman Marc Boldt instructed senior staff to immediately investigate. Now this courageous employee may legitimately use the Whistleblower protection as he uncovers the true intent of Orjiako’s claims—to distract citizens from the problem of institutional corruption and incompetence, much of which flies in the face of state and county statutes and rules.

It’s no coincidence that Orjiako made a bogus claim of racial harassment soon after Madore caught Orjiako making a false statement about planning department processes to a public official in violation of the Washington Criminal Code, RCW 9A.76.175. When someone has been caught committing a crime and violating a court order, a guilty person typically becomes ever more desperate and will increasingly do anything to avoid the consequences their actions. And behind Orjiako are the complicit county attorneys, the temporary county administrator McCauley, and almost surely the three councilors (Boldt, Olson, and Stewart) who are committed to reclaiming the county political power for the corrupt and highly self-centered Clark County establishment.

Complaints must be factual and accurate:

Specific Washington law (RCW 42.40.035) creates a serious problem for Orjiako:

“An employee must make a reasonable attempt to ascertain the correctness of the information furnished and may be subject to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to, suspension or termination, for knowingly furnishing false information as determined by the employee’s appointing authority.”

Orjiako has clearly furnished false information about Madore. Orjiako would be wise to withdraw this complaint immediately and publicly apologize to Mr. Madore if he wants to minimize any future discipline.

All analysis based on Clark County Human Resources Policy Manual (HRPM). Section 23.0, which incorporates RCW 42.40 – Whistleblower Protection by reference.

Citizens standing strong against this willful corruption by the Clark County political establishment is critical at this time. Stopping the lawlessness in one instance, such as this Madore witch-hunt, can turn the tide with this serious local problem. These corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and handlers don’t have much stomach for their mischief to be broadly displayed to the public–much less the legal risk they create for themselves. They and others will increasingly become trained that this typical big-government arrogance and self-centered behavior does not pay in Clark County. As we all know, the citizens just need to be credibly informed. They’re already fed up with corrupt and incompetent government at the state and federal level. Very fed up.