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Truth or Consequences…

…the first game show on TV (July 1, 1941) is an apt metaphor for political outcomes at every level.
In politics, when power and money are in play – there will be corruption. In these situations when the truth is known by voters the politicians and special interest friends will bear the consequences. Otherwise the citizens suffer the consequences—which is our lot for a few more years in Vancouver. The truth will eventually prevail however in our home town.
Over the last year CRCfacts.info and many others have been spreading the truth about the greed and corruption of local politicians and the Vancouver establishment related to the massive CRC light rail boondoggle. In Clark County there are now tens of thousands of citizens that are fed up with the lies and collusion of self-serving politicians, and their supporters in business, labor and the old media (Columbian). This includes a majority of Vancouver’s downtown business owners who understand the devastating consequences and share our views.
The unscrupulous Vancouver establishment and old media didn’t run on truth or facts in the recent election. They ran on platitudes and lies—which is all they had to promote their political and financial special interests. This establishment had never experienced the well-financed and organized push-back from ordinary citizens with no agenda but good government. In a late reaction to this citizen opposition, the establishment formed a political action committee called Forward Vancouver to broadly spread willful misinformation about Mayoral candidate Bill Turlay. They repeatedly said Turlay was a David Madore puppet and Madore was a major financial backer. All of this was completely false
The outcome of the Vancouver election demonstrated the path forward to eventual victory for the citizens. In the last three weeks, we were in touch with about 40 volunteers that worked Vancouver neighborhoods. They found most citizens did not know of the corruption of the Vancouver establishment and its politicians–and many felt their vote did not matter. However, when volunteers were able to tell the CRC special-interest story most citizens took notice. Finally the volunteers found very little overt support for Leavitt or light rail. With time and modern communication methods we will inform and energize the voters to reverse this establishment strangle-hold on the community.
What about the CRC: There are various options being pursued to stop the CRC that are beyond the influence of the Vancouver city council. We will work with others to continue down these paths. The Vancouver city council is effectively the same as before, a majority of establishment politicians working for the few at the expense of the community. They will be watched and exposed where needed.
What is next? Establishments do not self-correct. They are led by the most self-righteous and arrogant among the insiders who have power and money at stake. Therefore CRCfacts.info is not going away. In fact, we and many others will continue to spread the TRUTH until the opposition suffers the CONSEQUENCES.
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