Did Marc Boldt just offer to resign as County Chairman?

The Clark County Council flagrantly violated Washington State Law on April 5th when the majority (Boldt, Olson, and Stewart) changed the paper of record from the Reflector, which was cheaper and had a higher circulation, to the Columbian.  ClarkCounty.info reported on this here.

The astonishment of the citizens, both at the fiscal irresponsibility of the board and the lack of respect for state law, is apparently being heard.  Boldt, seemingly unable to recognize his own wrongdoing in this matter, appears to have assumed that the charges of illegality were being leveled at the retiring purchasing manager, Mr. Michael Westerman. Taking on an unusual mantle of responsibility and loyalty, Boldt made the following incredible comments at the close of the April 19 public meeting (note that the choppy nature of the comments is the actual transcription).

[Begin transcript]
Boldt:  Are there any counselor communication? I just have one item on a. . . I believe a Facebook that I was sent . . . there was an item again about the bid award . . . ah . . . from the Reflector to the. .  to the Columbian. In that as I read it said there’s illegal favoritism. . . Now you can say anything you want to me. But this applies… If this applies to the bid process and to the purchasing department and a man… that. . . that has… (beginning to cry)… That is ready to retire and has incredible credibility… That is downright despicable, and I hate it. Ah. . . And I will protect him with my job. [emphasis added]

Madore: Mr. Chairman, when you’re done.

Boldt: (curtly) Yes. What?

Madore:  Please do not. misrepresent that the responsibility and the decision of this board to somehow say that staff’s fault

Councilor Marc Boldt
Councilor Marc Boldt

Boldt: You said it on your Facebook

Madore: No sir. . .

Boldt: Yes you did

Madore: I really welcome. . .

Boldt: . . .Yes you did.. .

Madore: . . . The quote.

Boldt: Well why don’tcha look at your own Facebook?  Meeting adjourned.

[End Transcript]

We at ClarkCounty.info combed through David Madore’s Facebook pages, both his public and private, and found nothing suggesting that the Clark County Purchasing manager, Michael Westerman, violated the law. In fact, the only mention we could find of the paper of record controversy was here.  Going through the comments, we found nothing suggesting any sort of illegality on the part of the purchasing manager. Although as the purchasing manager did play along with the specious reasons to support the Columbian decision in his recommendations to the full county council.

Counselor Madore was quite correct in pointing out that the council was responsible for this unlawful and agenda driven decision.

It’s time for Marc Boldt to do the right thing.  If he feels he must protect the honor and integrity of Michael Westerman from any possible insinuation of wrongdoing, then he should publicly admit that he did in fact violate RCW 36.72.075, along with his two co-counselors, when they voted to change the paper of record from the Reflector to the Columbian in spite of the Columbian having almost double the cost and a much lower relevant circulation. Then he should step down in shame as he has vowed that he would do.

This ‘paper of record’ lawless action is just the tip of the iceberg with this new majority on the Clark County Council. As reported in a number of past articles on ClarkCounty.info, this new council majority (Boldt, Olson, and Stewart) in collusion with senior county bureaucrats and other handlers have been brazen and aggressive in their efforts to reclaim power for the self-interested and corrupt Clark County establishment.