Establishment Groupies Call for Unity—Code for “DO WHAT WE SAY”

The special interest driven political establishment’s calls for unity have a predictable pattern. First they ignore and, as needed, marginalize anyone who disagrees with them. If the unwashed resistance starts to take its toll on the establishment, then they call for unity. This lacks the first ounce of good faith from those making the call and pulling the strings. These establishment people have mostly gotten where they are by corruption and self-serving alliances, and it’s not in their DNA to be influenced by rational arguments about what’s best for all citizens. We’re referring to the approximately 1% of people on the inside of these unholy cabals, nationally and locally.

In Clark County we have our 1% group—including vocal defenders of the corrupt and arrogant establishment. Some of them are calling for unity, in various ways, as demonstrated by the following groups of people:

ReuniteReunite Clark County: This group’s welcome statement is: “Clark County is broken and it’s time to put the pieces of our beloved county back together. This is our opportunity to jettison the factions that have divided the citizens and instituted harmful policies. Now is our chance to ReUnite Clark County.”   This organization’s unambiguous approach is to jettison the citizens who are demanding an end to the corruption and incompetence. This is comically unrealistic, as the citizens they want to ‘jettison’ are the ones with the resolve to stop the local political crooks. As the facts about our local situation get more publicity, they’ll find it increasingly necessary to ‘jettison’ a lot of people who don’t appreciate an arrogant ruling class milking the system at the expense of the citizens.

cccConnecting Clark County: Connecting is unity. Right? Well not so much with this group, as they endorse establishment politicians and promote the same group-think lies about responsible-government reformers. This group’s Facebook page is more of the same sophomorically presented propaganda.

Clark County Citizen for Good Governance: Created in June, 2013 this left-leaning group caters to the local demographic infected with Madore Derangement Syndrome (MDS), and serves as a bully C3G2pulpit for establishment candidates to communicate with their local liberal activists. Like the national Democratic Party, their idea of unity and bipartisanship is a one-way street. Agree with them and we’ll all get along and no one gets hurt. The level of hysterical rhetoric directed at anyone who challenges their worldview in a discussion is astonishing.

Establishment Republicans: In recent years this group has participated in various efforts that sought to build unity for local Republicans. However with a few exceptions, this group operates with zero good faith. As has been reported before, this group is substantially driven by: (1) anger and emotion traced to the 2012 disintegration of the prior Republican social club, and (2) existing Republican politicians whose power has been challenged and reduced by the 2012 party reset. The recent article on Greg Kimsey is an especially instructive example of what a politician will illegitimately do to help the local political establishment reclaim power. Senator Anne Rivers has a similar story of self-serving behavior. This establishment Republican group is in full coordination with the Clark County establishment liberals to beat the conservatives in the Republican Party. This alliance tells us all we need to know about them and their priorities. See’s article on the legacy Clark County establishment.

What’s interesting about nearly all these calls for unity is they blame the discord on the key reformer, David Madore. It is predictable they would lead with this senseless point of view, as Madore is the most visible person who has been working to deconstruct this local ruling class. Since they irrationally trace nearly all their problems back to Madore, they can safely be diagnosed with MDS.

It’s interesting that many of the advocates of this corrupt 1% ruling class are otherwise reasonable people outside of politics. However, when they’re presented information that challenges their social and business relationships with this Clark County establishment, they somehow turn a blind eye. They join the weak-minded groupthink environment in Clark County that allows them to effortlessly dismiss obvious facts about the corruption and incompetence of this local ruling class.  All sorts of error and bad things occur in this environment.

In summary, this demand to ‘Get Along’ with the corrupt establishment was summed up quite well by a past Republican Party Chairwoman, Anna Miller when she wrote:

“I spent 20 years holding about every party title there is, including Chairman of the local Republican Party. I lived and breathed my love of my Party. What has happened in Clark County, which I see as a snapshot of what’s happening all over America, has changed me forever. Once respected Tea Party activists have sold their souls for a seat at the VIP table. Courageous conservatives are targeted for destruction, while hand wringers look out for their own necks and draw closer to the executioners. I’ll never again vote for a Letter after a name. And my list of candidates I’ll give money to, and work to support, is growing ever shorter. Finally I will not sit down and shut up and I will not “settle.” Call me a purist if that means I expect people to be keep their word, do the right thing for the citizens, and not fall prey to the corruption of the special interest driven political establishment.”