More ‘Alternate Universe’ opinions from the Columbian

Truth and facts have no value with the writers, editors, and owners of the local old media. These biased ideologues have been well trained to run on emotion and ideology, with no sense of shame or embarrassment. It’s bewildering for anyone that cares a whit about facts, honesty, and ultimately honor.

In this light the caustic and odd editor of the Columbian, Lou Brancaccio, has offered up a textbook example of this alternate universe opinion (link below).

Lou Brancaccio, Columbian Editor
Lou Brancaccio, Columbian Editor

So this amateur psychiatrist gives us his sage opinions on the mental condition of David Madore and with other arrogant analysis about this apparently deranged public servant.

The simple truth is Madore has led the deconstruction of this terribly corrupt and incompetent political establishment in Clark County. So the more the writers and legacy political establishment cry about Madore the more we good citizens know we’re on the right track to stop this nasty mess.  Mr Madore’s real history and motivation are effectively shown in a series of videos produced in the last year.

As has noted in many prior articles, we will not have to endure this poison to our community much longer. The old media, such as the Columbian, will soon be relegated to the dustbin of history. And with the Columbian, they are on a faster track as they willfully piss off a large portion of their readers and most of their advertisers.

Good riddance.

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