Carolyn Crain, Republican

Candidate for:  State Representative – 49th Legislative District – Position 2.Candidate for this position having run twice before.
Campaign website:  Estimate mid 50s.

Summary Analysis:  Candidate Carolyn Crain is a moderate Republican who has strong opinions on selected matters that would likely be her focus if elected.  It is not apparent from her history and current campaign material that she would contribute to reducing the size of government–and associated inefficient bureaucracy and corruption.  She has been a vocal challenger to the 2012 reset of the local Republican Party to a more conservative party that has increased impatience for self-serving establishment politicians.  Further in recent years she has routinely supported liberal and/or establishment candidates and attempted to marginalize most conservative candidates.   Carolyn Crain has a 57% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team:  Apparently self run with volunteers.

Carolyn Crain
Carolyn Crain

Education – higher: Degrees in Business Administration and Computer Sciences.

Relevant work experience:  Candidate has had a variety of vocational experiences, and running a business for approximately ten years, to have good background to better understand some of the complexities and the secondary impacts of the matters that come before the state legislature. 

Organizations and community involvement:  Fund raising for Easter Seals.  Spent the last decade caring for disabled, assisting local families in putting in gardens, baking for the Veterans Court and the Veterans Stand Down events.  Donate hundreds of hours to research and attending the local City Council and County Commissioners’ as well as C-tran board meetings to promote local area issues.

Donation analysis:  Candidate’s fundraising is poor considering her Democrat competitors, one of which has raised over ten times the amount.  This difference would likely continue to the general election and, in a left of center district, this is very unlikely a campaign funding scenario that can lead to success.    How to review donations.

Time in area:  Not determined but at least since 2012 and likely much longer.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

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Original analysis:  July 2016  Updated: None.

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