David Madore, Republican

Candidate for: County Councilor District No 3  Incumbent from 2012
Campaign website: http://davidmadore.com/Age: Estimate mid 60s.

Summary Analysis:  David Madore’s life experience and demonstrated interest in the community was the basis for his increased involvement in local politics over time culminating with his key work to help stop the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) light rail and bridge project that had been taken over by special interests and transportation ideologues.   He ran for county commissioner in 2012 and won this race.   He began a comprehensive program to reduce the size and cost of local government, and as with most all reformers, he ran into the strong self-interest of the local government culture and the special interests who feed off government.  Since 2012 he has fought many battles with the political establishment and has had more failure than was necessary as he carried a CEO approach into public office where patience and nuance would have been the better path.  However in some cases we agree the CEO path was preferable.  Based on the legacy Clark County establishment recent successes with a favorable new county government (the Charter) and the election of Republicans that effectively joined the big government liberals on the County Council, Madore has been under heavy bombardment.  Most of his and fellow conservative councilor Mielke’s work has been rapidly undone.  This success of the legacy establishment has empowered them to attempt to remove Madore from office in this election and they, with big money donors, are conducting a serious effort.   ClarkCounty.info was started to promote wise and ethical local government, so reformers like David Madore are key to making progress.   David Madore has a 82% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team: Apparently self run with volunteers.

David Madore
David Madore

Education – higher: US Navy Nuclear Propulsion 1973-1975.

Relevant work experience: Electronic Design Engineer, Philips Ultrasound 1976-1979; CEO, Owner, Founder of US Digital May 1979 – present.

Organizations and community involvement: Numerous charitable and non-profit organizations.  Provides rent-free space and office support services for more than 30 non-profits.

Donation analysis:  Candidate has primarily self-funded his campaigns.  Candidate has the potential to out-pace most other candidates in this area except those in this race who are receiving the help from a well-funded Political Action Committee.  However, in this race the candidate is not soliciting donations and is running a bare-bones campaign financially, instead he is relying on support of grass roots.    How to review donations.

Time in area: 26 years in Clark County.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

Candidate website Candidate http://davidmadore.com/
Candidate Facebook Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DavidMadorePublic
Candidate LinkedIn Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-madore-2914858
Grew US Digital from a garage startup to 130 employees manufacturing in Clark County with worldwide sales Candidate http://davidmadore.com/about-david/
Extensive list of policy achievements listed on his website Candidate http://davidmadore.com/
Believes in efficient, limited government that is responsive to the people Candidate http://davidmadore.com/about-david/
Track record of keeping promises made in campaign Candidate http://davidmadore.com/on-the-issues/
CVTV – Election 2016: Primary Video Voters’ Guide (07-07-16) (in interface scroll down and click the candidate’s name) CVTV http://www.cvtv.org/vid_link/18222




Original analysis: July 2016.  Updated: None.


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