Jennifer McDaniel, Republican

Candidate for: Clark County Councilor – 4th District.New candidate for this position.
Campaign website: 49

Summary Analysis: Jennifer McDaniel is a somewhat established local politician with a track record of going along with the general will of the local left-of-center political establishment and related special interests.  Her objectives and actions to ‘do the right thing’ are apparently sincere but her background and life experience is not sufficient to recognize illegitimate objectives of a typical self-interest local political establishment.  Further she has not demonstrated the skill and resolve to effectively push back to such actions and policy that are driven by ideology or special interests, that do not align with citizen’s interests.   Jennifer McDaniel has a 51% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team: Washougal City Councilman Brent Boger — campaign manager.

Jennifer McDaniel
Jennifer McDaniel

Education – higher: BS Hotel & Restaurant Management, University of Houston.

Relevant work experience: No work history that appears to be relevant to the demands of the county councilor position. 

Organizations and community involvement: Washougal City Council 2008 – 2016, CTRAN Board Representative, Washougal Schools Foundation, C-W Chamber of Commerce, etc.

Donation analysis: Jennifer McDaniel’s donations are substantially from local political establishment people including many liberal Democrats.  Donations are considered reasonable relative to amounts needed be competitive in this particular political race.  This is combined with a well funded political action committee that is promoting this candidate.    How to review donations.

Time in area: Moved from Texas to Washougal in 2005.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

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Original analysis: July 2016.  Updated: None.


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