John Blom, Republican

Candidate for: Councilor District No. 3New candidate for this position.
Campaign website: Estimate 30 years old.

Summary Analysis:  Candidate John Blom appears to have been groomed for one purpose – and that is to be the candidate that is directed by the Clark County establishment to clear out existing county councilor David Madore.   Blom’s donors, his endorsers and his campaign management team are all well entrenched Clark County establishment types who have greatly objected to the reforms of David Madore.  Beyond this purpose and support, Blom has some background that could have him be able to smartly assess the facts and make effective decisions on the County Council. However with how his campaign has started–and has been run and funded, it is difficult to imagine that Blom could have any independent voice for policy and direction in conflict with the predetermined plan of the local political establishment.   John Blom has a 61% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team: High Five Media –
Run by individuals highly immersed and sympathetic to the local liberal establishment.

John Blom
John Blom

Education – higher:  BA in History, Concordia University; MA in History, Ohio University

Relevant work experience: Civilian analyst for US Army Combat Studies Institute and Real Estate Broker

Organizations and community involvement: Board member Clark County Planning Commission; President Clark County Association of Realtors; Board member Columbia River Mental Health Institute; Board member Snowman Foundation.

Donation analysis: John Blom and his campaign have raised significant funds.  Several of his largest donors represent special interests.  In addition, a special interest Public Action Committee has already spent more money against his opponent in the primary race than the total amount the candidate has raised himself.   How to review donations.

Time in area: Native of NW, moved to Ohio for school and to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas with US Army. Moved to Clark County in 2008.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

Campaign website Candidate
Facebook Facebook
Linked in profile Linked In
Candidate fails to recognize staff of bureaucracy is another special interest Columbian editorial panel
CVTV – Election 2016: Primary Video Voters’ Guide (07-07-16) (in interface scroll down and click the candidate’s name) CVTV
Believes minimum wage should not be changed, but instead tied to cost of living and adjusted annually Columbian editorial panel



Original analysis: July 2016  Updated: October 2016.


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