Justin M. Forsman, Independent

Candidate for:  Washington State Senate – 49th Legislative District. New candidate for this position.
Campaign website:  http://www.forsman4senate.com/Age:  Approximately 28

Summary Analysis:  Candidate clearly articulates a small government philosophy.  Lacks a track record to evaluate.  He grew up in Damascus, Oregon on Grandfather’s farm and visited Mother periodically.  At age 14, his Grandfather and Father, passed away.  After getting into legal trouble, he was sentenced to Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp (JOBTC).  Upon release, he entered the Foster Care System.  Justin Forsman is a young man with a serious interest in government returning to founding principles and for this ClarkCounty.info evaluation team commends him.   Justin Forsman has a 45% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team:  Apparently self run with volunteers

Justin Forsman
Justin Forsman

Education – higher: Claims to have been sentenced to Juvenile Offender Basic Training Camp (JOBTC) at age 14.  Attended High School in Olympia and Battleground.  Obtained GED.  In 2010, enrolled at Portland Community College majoring in History.

Relevant work experience:  From Campaign website: “After 18, I was released and worked various jobs until securing a position at A-E.B Satellite as a helper getting paid $15 dollars a job.  Quickly I rose to Manager and in charge of running the company when my boss would leave the country to Egypt.  I accomplished this by 19.  I spent some time behind bars for stealing in 2008, and used that time to learn more about myself and what direction I wanted to go in life when I was released.” 

Organizations and community involvement:  “Serving as Vice President for the Broken Pole Fishing Hole 4 Wounded Veterans.  Justin Forsman says, “I’m an advocate for helping others less fortunate. Giving back any way possible.” https://brokenpolefishinghole.com/

Donation analysis:  No fundraising shown on the Public Disclosure Commission database.  Not sure of the candidate’s personal financial status, but it is likely modest and this financial status is a serious limitation for running a competitive campaign.   How to review donations.

Time in area:  Grew up in the regions. Not determined his time in Clark County.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

Campaign Website Candidate http://www.forsman4senate.com/
Candidate’s Facebook Page Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Forsmanfor49thDistrictSenate/
Video of Columbian Editorial Board 2016 The Columbian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-7ChmZuvC8
Video Voters’ Guide (07-07-16) Video Voters’ guide featuring candidates in the local 2016 Primary election. CVTG http://www.cvtv.org/vid_link/18222?start=3914&stop=4097



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