Lynda Wilson, Republican

Candidate for: Washington State Senate, 17th Legislative District.New candidate for this position.
Campaign website: Age: 58

Summary Analysis: Lynda Wilson is a one-term state representative politician with a track record of conservative votes.  She appears to be reasonably independent but she has exhibited behavior and made other decisions in the last few years that shows an over interest in winning favor with establishment politicians and special interests groups.  However the bridges she builds may be beneficial–if she effectively resists typical forces that want politicians to be compliant.  Lynda Wilson has a 74% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team: Not determined.

Lynda Wilson
Lynda Wilson

Education – higher: No relevant higher education detected.

Relevant work experience: Serving in the Washington state legislature for two year term as a state representative.  Experience is business in various duties in a family cabinet business and other business interests.

Organizations and community involvement: Various business organizations as listed in: 

Donation analysis: Lynda Wilson’s donations are substantially from Washington businesses and Industry Groups who donate large amounts to incumbents with the implied expectation that the donor’s ‘special interests’ will be heard and respected.  There also are many establishment donors.  Members of these groups are not typically ideological, but driven by self-interest.  Donations are considered solid relative to amounts needed be competitive in this particular political race.    How to review donations.

Time in area: Lived in Clark County since 1973.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

Candidate website Candidate
Facebook site Facebook
Committees, news & info House Rep.
Linked In Linked in
Raised 266K in 2014 to Stonier’s 240K The Columbian



Original analysis: July 2016.  Updated: October 2016.


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