Marc Stoltz

Candidate for: US House of Representatives, third district. Incumbent from 2004.  Website:   Age: 48

Summary Analysis: Mark Stoltz is long term politician with a reasonable record of success and ethical operations. There are an excessive amount of institutional donors to Mr. Stoltz which give us pause, but overall it appears Mr. Stoltz is not overly directed by special interests. Mr. Stoltz has a 51% composite score. His competitor Rachael Renner has a 50% composite score. See composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team:  Campaign manager is Jack Rogers who has run a number of federal level campaigns with reasonable success. Other team members are shown on the candidate website.

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Education – higher: Columbia Law School. BA in business from Oregon State University

Relevant work experience: Legal work helping businesses with navigating government bureaucracy. Staff council at a $100MM manufacturing firm. Clark County Councilor from 2004 to 2008.

Organizations and community involvement: Clark County Downtown Rotary Club. Board member of Share house homeless shelter.

Donation analysis: Many special interest donors equating to approximately 55% of all donations. Liberal insiders donations.  How to review donations.

Time in area:  Moved to Clark County in 1995.

Key concerns (for large concerns out of the ordinary concerns): None determined.

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

Original analysis: 5-15-2016.  Updated: 6-14-16.