Sharon Wylie, Democrat

Candidate for:  State Senate – 49th Legislative District  Incumbent from appointment in 2011, elected in 2012.
Campaign website:  http://www.sharonfor49th.comAge: 67

Summary Analysis:  Rep. Sharon Wiley is a well-established liberal politician in the 49th legislative district.  She has good reputation for fair dealings and attempting to work earnestly with others.  This was recently demonstrated by her efforts to work with Republican state representative Liz Pike on setting a new foundations for multiple agencies to discuss regional transportation objectives and approaches.  Rep. Wiley however has been in government her entire career and is very liberal as is evident from her public information.  It is very unlikely she will ever be a contributor to solving the big problems of ever growing and inefficient government.  Her ideology will override any serious awareness of the incompetence and corruption that is all around her in state government.   Sharon Wiley has a 56% composite score.  See details about score in the composite score matrix.

Campaign manager and team:  Roy Valo –

Sharon Wylie
Sharon Wylie

Education – higher:  Wylie studied political science at the University of California, Riverside (UCR) and graduated in 1973.

Relevant work experience:  Professional Lobbyist by profession.  Wylie began her career as a Tukwila city administrator in 1981.  She was also a lobbyist in Olympia for nine years representing local governments.  Sharon Wylie is a Democratic member of the Washington House of Representatives, representing District 49.  She was first appointed to the chamber on April 13, 2011.  Beginning in the 2013 session, Wylie serves as Assistant Majority Whip.  Wylie was initially appointed to fill the vacancy left due to Jim Jacks’ resignation in March 2011.  Wylie previously represented District 22 from 1993 to 1997. More details on Bio:

Organizations and community involvement:

Donation analysis:  Sharon Wiley’s donations are substantially from entities typically sympathetic to big government, such as unions, large corporations (especially corporations that aren’t local).  These entities tend to be driven by ideology and self-interest and usually support liberal candidates with a track record of protecting and perpetuating big-government. Donations are considered sufficient relative to amounts needed be competitive in this particular political race.    How to review donations.

Time in area:   Moved to Washington State after graduating college in CA.  Born in New Orleans. Husband Ted H. Gathe (Retired in August, 2014 after twenty years as City Attorney for the City of Vancouver WA), is a government insider… Details on her long association with government:

Background for candidate: The following links have been chosen as they contain background information readers may find useful.

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Original analysis:  July 2016  Updated: October 2016.


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