The Strange War on David Madore – From WeTheGoverned

This article about David Madore from WeTheGoverned is quite timely.

Many articles from the team have reported about the numerous and ongoing assaults on County Councilor David Madore from the legacy Clark County establishment.

Mr. Madore has been the tip of the spear for nearly four years in work to deconstruct the big-government attitude and bloated costs in Clark County government. Before that he was instrumental in helping stop a $3 to 5 billion dollar public works project that was driven by special interests and transportation ideologues. For this valuable service to the citizens he is viciously attacked. These attacks have grown more brazen and malicious since the Clark County council was taken over by a majority of councilors sympathetic to the legacy establishment power structure. Now in this primary election the establishment hit squad is in full propaganda mode with one lie after another about Madore.

The article below tells the whole story of this disturbing saga of how immoral people in the existing establishment are trying to destroy a vigilant citizen. A saga though, that occurs to most any reformers of self-interested establishments. It’s a bit long, but tells the story well with many source references.

The War on David Madore