Where All the Government Corruption and Incompetence Ends


The Clark County ruling class is a few hundred people and we are not talking about altruistic community leaders.  This small group of politicians, senior bureaucrats, and special interest friends use big-government controls to further their power, influence, and financial gain. Most articles at ClarkCounty.info are about this tiny group of local people and their mischief and incompetence.

History clearly shows when these small groups gain power, they become increasingly selfish, incestuous, self-righteous, heavy-handed, and corrupt. All over America citizens are rising up against these small groups in power. This is evident at the federal level with the popularity of anti-establishment candidates Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. However, this is an increasingly serious problem at all levels of government. Corruption in Washington State has been well-documented, as demonstrated by one story after another at the watchdog website, We The Governed.

corruptionA sober assessment of how this typically ends at the federal level was shown by blogger Tyler Durden, entitled The Elite “Have No Idea” – Society is Near the Breaking Point. Our Clark County problem with the ruling class is acknowledged to be no where close to the scale of damage being caused at the federal level, but it’s the same problem.

230 years ago America was established as a Republic with a key objective being the government would be a servant of the public, not its master. Our forefathers were done with the oligarchies and monarchies, of people in power immune to the consequences of their greed and stupidity—that is until the oppressed subjects successfully rebelled. Today big money and political influence peddling have created politicians for life and the rise of a ruling class that’s effectively little different than the monarchies of old. Increasingly serious citizens are realizing that this corruption and down-graphincompetence must end. It always does. Sooner than later. One way or another.


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