Anti-corruption Movement in Washington and Clark County


We have a problem. At all levels of government.

Nearly anyone paying attention to political matters will admit the US federal government has serious problems. There’s no other explanation for the massive rejection of establishment politicians and the success of the self-identified outsiders like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. America has been brought to the brink of financial and social collapse by these establishment politicians, senior bureaucrats, and the special interests who fund this devastating cabal. It’s a travesty and there appears to be no orderly way out of the problem.

The states aren’t in much better shape, as the same sort of self-interested people have migrated to political office. This is combined with special interest handlers and state bureaucracies whose priority is power and funding. Like the feds, we in Washington State have a nasty mess that cannot be corrected by those in charge. It’s silly to think those who created the mess have the skill or will to correct the problem. They simply do not.

It’s no surprise we have the same problems in local city and county governments. The scale may be smaller, but the effect on citizens is nevertheless profound. Consider recent high-profile corruption and incompetence in Thurston County, Douglas County, and the City of SeaTac. In Clark County we have similar problems with the County government, and there’s a resolute effort underway to investigate and uncover the facts and participants in our local corruption and incompetence. Review our many articles on Clark County corruption.

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To root out this local corruption and incompetence, a statewide effort is underway to educate and help protect those who come forward to report these problems. This whistleblower protection plan is orchestrated by and there is a Clark County specific video that is running on Comcast Cable channels in mid-May for some period of time. Washington state law helps protect whistle blowers (RCW 42.40.020 and RCW 42.40.050). If more citizens employed by city and county governments knew their options, more would come forward to report their direct knowledge of these problems. Only a few are needed to shame and scare the offending politicians and senior bureaucrats into some form of corrective action; or better, to have them leave their positions. made a video specifically for Clark County to promote this important process and legal protection.

The corrupt and incompetent politicians and senior bureaucrats in Clark County will be hard-pressed to weather the storm that’s increasingly building against them. Increasing numbers of citizens are done with such behavior at all levels of government. This is building to a resolute and aligned force that will surely win in this battle. Remember, this is not left vs. right, or Democrat vs. Republican. This is right vs. wrong; the tiny, self-appointed ruling class against the citizens.

Imagine our local government rid of these corrupt and incompetent politicians and senior bureaucrats. It’s a wonderful vision for all of us.